Between a rock and a hard place

February 6, 2017

What exactly does  that mean?

Last evening I closed  my eyes and almost immediately I was in a vision . 

I was in the middle of the road and behind me was a big white  mack truck. As I look in front of me here comes a lady driving another big white mack truck. I am thinking ok, she is going to slow down.  She keeps coming closer and closer but I can't move. Paralyzed,  I call on the name of Jesus.

I am between a rock and a hard place. Can't go left or right. What happens? God comes to my rescue. As always, He lifted  me up and out of that situation .  I was so close  to having the life squeezed out of me, but God!

There are so many times I find myself in this situation .  I know of myself, there is no deliverance. God always plucks me out of the greedy hands that  come to steal, kill and destroy .  I have dreams often that I am in the very throws of a life altering situation and God rescues me every single time!

If you are between 2 places that seem impossible ,  know that God has the answer. Seek Him. Call upon Him while He is near.

Ask. Believe. Receive . 


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