January 15, 2017

#20 Years

A Tribute to Ma Mary

Every now and then you are blessed to encounter someone who absolutely changes your life and those around you. Ma Mary was that girl!!!!

Today I honor her. Yesterday, we celebrated her receiving her Angel Wings 20 years ago. She gracefully bowed out, according to her request to God. Her body could no longer support her spirit and she asked her Heavenly Father to receive her spirit at 6 am on January 20, 1997.

This incredible woman birthed 10 children with 7 surviving. She had so much love in her heart for everyone. Everybody was special. Every one of us was her favorite. Every person in the neighborhood, relatives from out of town, stray children; everyone was welcome in her home and in her heart. Her home was never empty!

She devoted her life to caring for her family. She went even further. She cooked, cleaned and cared for many of the seniors who had no one to clean, cook or care for them.

She loved to garden and had quite the green thumb. She loved decorating. She loved shopping and cooking. She could make $2.00 go further than anyone in the entire world!

I so miss those early Saturday morning phone calls, the late rides, the free childcare, the meals on wheels, the holiday gatherings and the feeling of love that flowed from her heart, without ever having to say one word.

One might ask what she accomplished in life. She took on more than any woman that I have ever known. She cherished her family and did everything in her power to make sure we survived. When the doctors told her to institutionalize her eldest son, she took him to God and took him home and began to teach him and love on him in such a way that advanced him beyond the doctors scope of understanding. They said he would die by the age of 3. In about two weeks he will be 52 years old.

Even though she died at 54, she lived life to the fullest that she could. When the body no longer can handle its’ duties, sometimes God allows us to cease our labor and come home for a reward. Her spirit lives on. Though we miss her, we feel her every day.

Until we meet again, we will continue to carry on your legacy.

Blessings to our Girl!




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