January 14, 2017

“People who add value to your life are a great gift. Hope rises. Vision rises. Confidence rises. Imagine the impact on your company, church, team or family if everyone arrived with one purpose:


Last year I read one of the most inspiring and encouraging books ever. Talk about self-help! The Hope Quotient was definitely a call to action. The Scripture references fit so perfectly.

"The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston, is a revolutionary new method for measuring and drastically increasing your level of hope. Hope is more than a feeling. It is the by-product of seven key factors. When they are present, they cause hope to thrive".

Recharge your batteries. If you have used up everything in you, you have no reserves, what are you going to share. An empty pitcher cannot quench the thirst of anyone. Running on empty presents the potential to do more harm than good. Simply put, you don’t expect your car to take you anywhere without gas. Get charged up, fueled up, then go out and change the world!

Raise your Expectations. You do not get what you deserve, you get what you expect. That is why I constantly counsel people to speak positive life giving words instead of the negative confessions that flow so freely from their mouth.

Refocus on the future. You will have a crash if you keep looking behind you. Let the past pass!

Play to your strengths. Do what you do best. Work your skill and talent to your advantage. No one person is good at everything! Be the best you possible!

Refuse to go it alone. There is strength in numbers. Accountability partners will help you to stay on track.

Replace burnout with balance. A burned out individual is not much good to anyone. Figure out a schedule and work in all the areas that you need to cover.

Play great defense. Kill the hope killers before they kill you!!!

I hope this synopsis helps you jump start your Hope Journey. At the heart of every thriving person, every thriving marriage, kid and business is HOPE!


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