Brenda Colston
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Every now and then, you come across an individual who lives a humble life. Their very presence incites passion and excitement for life. Yet, there is no fanfare. This is who you are connecting with. Brenda’s life journey has taken her to many places and positioned her in the audience of many great speakers, entertainers and teachers.

Brenda has over 40 years in the fields of Leadership and Administrative Training, Leadership Support, Personal Development, Team Mentoring and Coaching, Project Management, Motivational Speaking, Workshop Planning and Facilitation, Curriculum Development, Business Management, Real Estate and Title Services and Nutrition and Wellness Consulting.


She enjoys cooking in her spare time. She is a woman who has weathered many storms, but always relied on God for deliverance and victory. Her passion for Health and Wellness is born out of her story of personal loss. Brenda lost her grandmother and mother to cancer, both in their mid 50’s and an aunt at only 47.  Her wellness consulting services aim to help women and men ward off the dis-ease that plagues many due to poor nutrition and limited exercise.

This is a connection that you will be thankful  for.  There is a plan for your life!